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Tace Allen   

Sports Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation
for people and animals

Specialising in Sports Massage, Injury Rehabilitation, Mobilisation,
Performance Fitness and Sports Medicine

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Massage is a natural therapy used to treat soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. It originated in China over 5,000 years ago and was used in the first Olympic Games by the Greeks and Romans.

Sports Massage is the scientific manipulation of soft tissue for injury prevention and therapeutic purposes. It helps to remove the build up of general aches and pains and to restore function back to damaged tissues following injury or trauma. The therapist uses their hands to explore the tissues, find the problems and deal accordingly with the damage, this in turn improves performance, endurance, prevents injuries and loss of joint mobility.

The majority of people suffer with general aches and pains caused by bad posture or work-related stresses. Sports massage is a different form of treatment as it clears away any toxins present within the muscles and encourages them to relax back into a supple state with the aid of blood flow and lymph drainage.

Muscles have memories, they remember where they are generally tense or injured hence why more than one treatment may be necessary. Secondary tension arises as the body over-compensates for injury, tension or weaknesses within the soft tissue, hence an over-use injury may be sustained elsewhere.

Muscle spasms can be problematic, they are generally a muscle contraction that has failed to release as the muscle has relaxed, the spasm protects other damaged tissues but can cause joint restriction and muscle tightness. Sports Massage improves the relaxation and desensitisation of muscle fibres that lead to the release of a spasm, therefore improving joint mobility as well as lowering stress levels placed upon the body.

Minor injury is by far the most common musculo-skeletal problem and if not treated properly and at an early stage, a minor injury can sometimes lead to a more serious condition in the long term.


Why Use Tace Allen Sports Massage Therapy?

  • Fully qualified, experienced Sports Massage Therapist
  • Established Chiropractic and GP referral schemes
  • Established client base for human, equine and canine
  • Client testimonials
  • Full professional indemnity insurance


Tace Allen is now operating from new premises at The Old Dairy, Rushley Lane, Winchcombe, near Cheltenham. Please see her contact page for details of how to contact her.